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Our laminate flooring is top-quality and we go through product quality checks from the initial creation of the flooring to it being in your home. Laminate flooring can offer the same effects and looks as wooden flooring without the cost and the actual wood material. The newest technologies now allow the most amazing detail on the board and can give you the same length of board as a real wooden plank effect floor. The Laminate producers are now extending their ranges to include some very nice Tile effects which are nice in halls and kitchens. You have to see it to believe it!

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At WFS, we offer a great range of laminate flooring. We deal with some of the top producers of laminates in the world, which gives you an amazing range to choose from – Pergo, Kronotex, Kronopol, Swiss Krono and Quick-step which all come with a range of styles, colours, designs and sizes. Depending on what you are looking for, we offer wood effect flooring and tile effect flooring – again with their own distinctive looks and designs. Our laminate flooring gives you a wider range of creativity and we are happy to help with any design or project that you have. 

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