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Our engineered wood flooring range is both extensive and of a very high quality construction. Over recent years, the way wooden floors are produced has changed. For many years, Solid Wood was the only way to go but with the advances in technology, the industry has evolved to now use Engineered in the main. The flooring itself is very stable and once it has been installed, is very strong and durable. Our Engineered flooring is manufactured by sourcing the highest quality multi-layer ply and with the use of high strength adhesives and very powerful machines, bonded to the beautiful Hardwood Veneers that you see as your finished floor.

We at WFS as you can imagine, using a wooden design for your flooring has a wide range of benefits – wood types are easy to maintain and clean, if you spill something, you can easily wipe it up with our recommended cleaners, rather than having to spend an age cleaning a carpet-like floor. Our engineered flooring is off the highest quality and is the perfect choice for your new flooring.

At WFS Flooring Specialists, we have years of experience within the flooring industry and are happy to help with any queries you may have. We pride ourselves in producing the highest-quality finishes with outstanding customer service. Whatever your flooring needs, we have the tools to help.



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